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Post by Admin on Tue Oct 13, 2015 8:16 am

What happens next after I had logged in Question
Arrow You will have access to edit your user profile. "Introduction" is a great place to start posting so that staff and members get to know you.

I'm worried that I might be outed if I use my real pic what can I do Question
Arrow Edit your user profile. You can upload an avatar from your computer, or select the pre-installed avatar from the site gallery.

I'm in the process of getting my name changed and so I no longer want to log in with old name nor let other members identify me with that old name what should I do Question

Arrow Send me a PM first before editing your name in your user profile, otherwise there is a chance that you might not be able to log back in. There is a chance that your member account may have to be deleted, you will loose both your post points and the material that you shared under that old name. You may have to re-register but make sure its in your new name.


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